Daniel Radcliffe Describes Why He Won't Go See 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'

Don’t anticipate to see the very first John Knitter at a watching of John Knitter and the Cursed Kid.

Daniel Radcliffe showed up on Wednesday’s Delayed Evening With Seth Meyers, where he was inquired about the new Broadway reveals, revealed the Potterverse. 

"I’ve been requested this a lot, and I think that I always provide a really tedious, dreadful response. I’m probably not going to see it,” he confessed. "I don’t have programs to. Not because I think it would toss me into some existential problems of like, ‘Oh, is that what happened?’ But more so I just think that it would not be a calming night in the cinema.” 

Radcliffe, 29, who performed the boy expert for eight movies, went on to describe, "I think that I would be being viewed for my response. And maybe that is finish egotistic and egotistical and other individuals wouldn’t excellent care. But I do think that if I was just enclosed by John Knitter lovers, it would be a little odd."

Host Meyers requested if he’d consider going in cover, to which he responded, "The factor about a cover is if it fights, then you’re just a guy who used a cover.”
He went on to observe a moment when he joined a songs event with his co-star pal, Rupert Grint, who performed Ron Weasley in the flicks.  

Radcliffe was performing a different track about cover up back again in 2015, when ET’s Ashley Crossan requested the English acting professional if he was intending to see the first Amazing Monsters movie. 

“I think I’ll have to maybe go a little bit intensely hidden,” he informed ET at plenty of your persistence. “But I definitely will be [seeing it]!”