Karen Clifton on why she lastly seems recognized after seven decades on Totally Come Dancing

Karen Clifton was decreased to weeping following her awesome Samba with Charles Venn, where she obtained her first ever 10's during her seven-year Totally Come Dancing record. And dealing with the "overreaction", the expert professional dancer admitted she was excited to be experience lastly "recognised". On Weekend evening, the couple were granted nines from Todd Indulge Horwood and Darcey Bussell, and 10's from Rebecca Ballas and Bruno Tonioli. Showing on It Requires Two ealier recently, Karen explained: "It's just really awesome to be recognized. Now I know what it seems like to get a ten."

She added: "It was awesome and to have done it with this man, it was an awesome sensation." Her superstar dance associate was complete of compliment, contacting Karen a "wonderfully healthy instructor, regimented, very blessed and a amazing expert dancer." However, the expert professional dancer admitted the top ratings were probably down to Charles being almost shirtless. "I had no concept what they were going to say. The key is no clothing, that's the ace in the hole," she taunted.

After the ratings were declared, it all got a bit too much for Nancy, who began weeping. "We will all be looking after Nancy," variety Claudia Winkleman laughed, as the superstars and pro performers rallied around her. "I have never got a ten, I have been on the display for seven decades and I have never got a ten, and this is the new so thank you," Karen later exposed on Instagram. "And it was awesome in Blackpool." There's no doubting that Charles and Karen have established a good connection, with the acting professional lately informing HELLO! and other media at the Within Detergent Awards: "She is an excellent instructor and a martial artist like me, we raise each other up during the black times and we would do it again if that happens. It's all amazing gravy, I am really experiencing it."